Tuesday :: May 1, 2007

First The Veto, Now The Spin

by Steve


Four years after “Mission Accomplished”, Bush is asking the TV networks to give him live network airtime today so he can spin his veto of the supplemental funding bill, and tout his willingness to work with Democrats on something to his liking. He does this against the backdrop of a CNN report today that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is pursuing a shadow agenda of Shiite aggression under the noses of the Americans, and against the backdrop of a report that Al Qaeda has responded to our surge with a surge of their own.

Folks, if the Iraqi government is working against our own interests and still expecting us to supply our sons and daughters to die in their civil war with Dick Cheney’s full blessing, then f*ck him and the Bush he rode in on. We’ve reached the point where Democrats can do several things:

First, if the networks give Bush time tonight, Democrats should demand equal time to tell the country that it was four years ago that Bush said the mission was accomplished, yet his actions today show his failures as a commander in chief, and that the people want Congress to change the course of this war. Remind the public that Iraq is already in chaos as a result of Bush's mismanagement of this war, and that a new terror training ground has been created as a direct result of Bush's "do it my way" policies.

Second, send back to Bush a bill that has all of the non-Iraq spending in it, such as the minimum wage increase and SCHIP expansion, and force Bush to sign it before any military appropriation will be passed.

Third, send Bush a 60-day supplemental appropriation that has strict benchmarks for the Iraqis to meet before they even think about heading out of town in July for recess.

If Bush refuses to accept the Iraqi benchmarks, especially in the face of this CNN report, then Reid and Pelosi should tell him tomorrow at their meeting that the next move is his, and that no new bill will be forthcoming until he and Mitch McConnell can line up the 60 votes in the Senate to get it through.

Bush himself endorsed an exit strategy and a timeline when it came to Clinton and Kosovo. But of course, Kosovo didn’t have oil.

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