Wednesday :: May 2, 2007

Make The GOP Find The Votes - If They Can

by Steve

As signs emerge tonight that the House and Senate will cobble together a second attempt at a supplemental funding bill that will now only contain benchmarks for Iraqi success with no consequence for failure, Democrats appear resigned to give up on any bill that requires a timeline for redeployment. The leadership is now convinced that any attempt to meet the White House halfway will lose them their liberal base, which is all the more galling because despite the pollyanna talk from the GOP leadership and the moderates in both parties about "compromise", there is no certainty the White House will agree to anything other than the no-strings approach Bush demands.

At this point the White House won't even agree to require the Iraqis to achieve milestones as a condition of our continued military presence, because they don't want the Iraqis feel like they are being dictated to, even though it is our troops who are dying while the Iraqis dawdle. So while the leadership of both parties tries to work with the White House the next two weeks on a new bill, anything that comes of this effort will be meaningless once again, and will lose the Democratic leadership the support of the party's liberal base.

I am now against this latest effort because there is no leverage whatsoever upon the White House. I would prefer that there be no effort at a second bill by the Democratic leadership. In fact, why are Reid and Pelosi even working on this at all, since they already did their part and sent the president a funding bill? He and his GOP allies vetoed, and upheld the veto of that bill. From this point on, Reid and Pelosi should tell McConnell and Boehner "guys, it's on you. Go find the votes yourselves." With every effort to please the White House, the Democrats take more and more ownership of this war, which is just what the GOP wants. Forget it.

Tell McConnell and Boehner "we funded the troops and you rejected it. Now go find the votes yourselves, and Mitch, if the bill doesn't have any strings in it at all, you better find 60 votes for your bill. Until then, it's on you."

Put the pressure where it belongs.

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