Thursday :: May 3, 2007

I Will Not Be Alienated From Democrats

by paradox

As I watched the latest war tragedy twist over the capital, $125 billion granted for a vast war crime so petulantly rejected by our war criminal President, once again I found myself slotted into the hideous political machinations of our folly, for I am the “anti-war Democratic Base,” a factor to be taken seriously in whatever decision is eventually reached. Do the wrong thing and we will be alienated from the party.

Oh? I just love the way sloppy thinking and poor observation skills reach an incorrect conclusion that gets used to weigh such critical issues as war. Alienated? What does that mean? That my bothers and sisters in the party will make angry phone calls and write humiliating blog posts, embarrassing the leadership? That we’ll stay Democrats but not vote this cycle? That’s we’ll leave the party forever?

Sloppy—state a conclusion as a certainty when in fact there is no way to know what a generalized group of humans will do. If there is no way, is there any similar history in the past that will give an indication of what happens to the “anti-war base” if they are provoked enough to be “alienated?”

Why golly gee yes, there is indeed, look at the last 6.5 years of what the “anti-war base” had to put up with—Democratic capitulation and failure everywhere, how the hell does one think we got in this terrible spot? A simple observation on the Dean phenomena should tell a reasonably clear brain that a huge number of “anti-war base” Democrats were obviously alienated long ago yet when election time came they worked their asses off for Democrats, donated and voted for them, hoped and prayed for Democratic victory.

If that’s “alienated” after six years of failure I’m sure Reid and Pelosi will take it.

It’s also a precise mirror of my own behavior—for all my righteous venomous complaining I am still a proud Democrat and always will be. There is no way to alienate me from my party, I’m never leaving as I always vote the straight Democratic ticket, and although I may get acidly bitchy about what I do I will always be there, backing up candidates and causes for the party. Always.

It is true I am grateful and relieved not to be a Republican. It’s also true there is no other place for me to go—please, a Machiavellian is not joining a third party in this country. Yes, a good deal of my steady Democratic loyalty is due to a reflexive desperate need to stop the Republican reactionary freaks in any way possible.

It’s also very true I’m very proud of past Democratic accomplishments like Social Security, civil rights, gender equality, and environmentalism. I have a great deal of faith that steady effort to bring my party more in line to the liberal mindset it should have is always worth it. I simply love some members of our party, like Barbara Boxer, Barney Frank, Russ Feingold, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Mike Honda, and many more.

I’m not foolish enough to speak for anyone but myself or fatuously generalize my brothers and sisters, but I can say to the Democratic leadership that no matter what happens in this current war horror I am not going anywhere, and you’ve got my time, treasure and vote this cycle, same as always.

I’m not exactly thrilled about it, many things have gone horribly wrong that were easily preventable, but I’m not going anywhere. I’ve been very hard on y’all for failure but I’m not very easy on myself with it, either.

I am so weary of all the death, maiming, destruction, crimes and lying. The President and the Republicans have gone insane with this disastrous war and rampant authoritarianism while the press masturbates with corporate happiness about it all, debt and the Earth be damned.

My people and my party are really supposed to have a chance to reason with this insanity? That somehow after all this tragedy and pain—with such insane denial cloaking the evil—they are supposed to make it all right, to solve this in the face of such intractable petulance and obdurate immaturity?

Yes, I’m miserable about it. I’m also never leaving my people, no matter what happens, and whatever Reid and Pelosi may perceive “alienated” to be, at least for this voter it means voting for them and all our candidates this cycle. I could never, ever do anything else.

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