Friday :: May 4, 2007

Open Thread - Serving the Public Good Edition

by Mary

James Comey testified that for the US Attorneys to have any credibility they had to be seen as serving the American people, and not just this administration or that adminstration. Extending the analogy, isn't it the job of the President to serve the American people and not to try to criminalize and crush those who didn't vote for you? Do you think the annointed pundits will ever realize that this has always been the problem with the Bush administration where political operatives made all the decisions? My guess? They'll still spend their time on harranguing the Democrats for not "compromising" with Bush, and warn that the American public will have no patience for the Democrats for being obstructionists, and worry about John Edwards' hair cut.

Yet, it is our job as partisan bloggers and the netroot activists to remind people that the DoJ can operate in the interest of all the people and the President does take an oath to serve *All* the American people. Too bad the pussyRush-whipped media has forgotten that.

It's your forum now.

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