Sunday :: May 6, 2007

GOP Leadership Nervous About Mr. 28%

by Steve


John Boehner tells a Sunday chat fest that his caucus is getting squeamish on Iraq, and their support could waver by the fall if the surge doesn’t work. But first, Boehner says we need to give Bush’s plan several more months. This comes as a new Newsweek poll shows Bush’s approval rating plummeting to an all-time low of only 28%, and all leading Democrats now are ahead of the leading GOP candidates in the 2008 race.

OK, John, you and your comrades can keep supporting the president over the summer with one vote after another, while more and more soldiers die in your lab experiment. Eleven more died today in areas that were supposedly improving. But since the GOP has stopped several Democratic attempts to change course in this occupation, hacks like Boehner and his master Bush are solely responsible for the ongoing loss of American life in Iraq.

In fact, Newt Gingrich wants the GOP to stay as far away from Bush and Iraq as possible. Sorry Newt, Harry and Nancy should be hanging Iraq around every Republican’s neck every day until they crumble. Democrats need to point out every day that Al Qaeda supports Bush’s strategy, and that Bush is Al Qaeda’s best friend.

Hammer this over and over again, and remind the public that it is the GOP and White House that are enabling this slaughter and preventing the Democrats from fighting a real war on terror. By the late summer, Bush will be lucky to be at 25% and the GOP will be looking at horrific losses next year.

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