Tuesday :: May 8, 2007

Rice: We're Not Leaving Iraq

by Steve

Rice tells Charlie Rose that we're not leaving Iraq - ever.

Even though the Iraqis want us to leave, even though al-Maliki says they want to take over by the end of 2007, and even though experts say that we need to assure the Iraqis that we have no permanent claim to bases and their oil, the Bush Administration thinks it will help to calm things down by doing what Al Qaeda wants us to do: stay forever, or at least until January 2009.

If you wanted proof that we have made Iraq a colony and are dictating their future, this is it. If the al-Maliki government asked us to leave tomorrow or even by the end of 2007, Bush would not heed that request. And that is all the proof you need that we are engaged in an occupation against the wishes of the occupied, which I believe is against the UN resolution.

I hope the GOP likes their offices while they have them, because many of them will be out on their asses after November 2008.

Hat tip to anon and ThinkProgress

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