Wednesday :: May 9, 2007

Condi's Link To Saddam Kickbacks

by Steve

At least we now know that Condi’s lack of attentiveness, incuriousness, and ineptitude at managing her job are not recent problems but rather part of her DNA. While the GOP wingnut culture has been harping for years about kickbacks and bribery with Saddam on the UN oil for food program, Condi was watching Chevron take part in similar behavior from the board of directors. And of course Cheney did business with Saddam also while at Halliburton, but wanted everyone to think he wasn’t aware of that.

Then again, the production sharing agreements in the draft Iraq Oil Law will be the end reward for all this right wing hypocritical blather. It was OK for them to do business with Saddam under the table, and now its OK for the same gang of multinational extortionists to plunder Iraq’s oil revenues from its newly “liberated” populace.

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