Thursday :: May 10, 2007

Giuliani's Ties To OxyContin Firm's Criminal Investigation

by Steve

This one will leave a mark upon Giuliani. He's revealed now as just another pay-for-play Republican who put money ahead of human life, shilling for a company that has killed perhaps thousands of Americans due to fraud.

Rudolph Giuliani and his consulting company, Giuliani Partners, have served as key advisors for the last five years to the pharmaceutical company that pled guilty today to charges it misled doctors and patients about the addiction risks of the powerful narcotic painkiller OxyContin.
Federal officials say the company, Purdue Frederick, helped to trigger a nationwide epidemic of addiction to the time-release painkiller by failing to give early warnings that it could be abused.
Prosecutors say "in the process scores died."
Drug Enforcement Administration officials tell the Blotter on Giuliani personally met with the head of the DEA when the DEA's drug diversion office began a criminal investigation into the company.
According to the book "Painkiller," by New York Times reporter Barry Meier, both Giuliani and his then-partner Bernard Kerik "were in direct contact with Asa Hutchinson, the administrator of DEA."
And once Rudy got involved, the Bush Administration DEA slowed down the criminal investigation and instead took a $15,000 “contribution” from Rudy for a DEA museum, buying more time for Rudy’s client to kill more patients.
Kerik told New York Magazine at the time that Giuliani had raised $15,000 in donations for a "traveling museum operated by the DEA."
Some officials told ABC News there were questions inside the agency of whether the donations were an attempt to influence the DEA.
Meier wrote that "with Giuliani now in the mix, the pace of DEA's investigation into Purdue's OxyContin plant in New Jersey slowed as Hutchinson repeatedly summoned division officials to his office to explain themselves and their reasons for continuing the inquiry."

This drug has killed many people throughout the country, and the Bush DEA and Rudy Giuliani have enabled that killing. But I would love to know which rival campaign packaged this story and had ABC News drop this bomb on Rudy's campaign. Secondly, where was the Bush Justice Department all this time in finally taking action against Rudy's client while people were dying from OxyContin? Oh, that's right; Alberto was fighting child pornography.

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