Friday :: May 11, 2007

Talabani: Americans Need To Stay Another 1-2 Years

by Steve


Iraqi president Jalal Talabani, mouthing exactly what his patron Dick Cheney would want him to say, this morning proclaimed that Iraq would need coalition forces to provide security in his country for 1-2 more years, after which his country will be able to take over. First, you've had the last four years to prepare for your own security, and haven't pressured this administration to supply you with the equipment and training to do so. Second, of course Talabani would say that America needs to stay at least until Bush is out of office, since Bush wants to push this problem onto his successor, and needs an Iraqi to say that to back him up.

The problem for Talabani is that al-Maliki has already said that the Iraqis can take over by the end of 2007, reflecting the pressure he is under from al-Sadr and the Shiite bloc. Just because Cheney's friend Talabani says they need the Americans for another two years only reflects the disjointed nature of the Iraqi government and how easily parts of this government can be manipulated by the Bush Administration to serve its interests to stay in Iraq until 2009 and until the Oil Law is in place to guarantee decades of pillaged profits for Big Oil.

Yet Talabani's 1 to 2-year timeline fits within the likely scenario of an American drawdown during 2008 as part of the defense appropriation, leaving only a small force behind in Iraq at the time Bush leaves office.

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