Friday :: May 11, 2007

Another GOP Sham On Iraq

by Steve


All 11 of the GOP representatives who supposedly confronted Bush earlier this week on his Iraq policy and lack of credibility in selling it still voted against any change in that policy this week. I think we can safely conclude that the whole charade behind this alleged confrontation was nothing more than a stunt coordinated with the White House to give the appearance that GOP members weren't rubber-stamps, and to mask the fact that the White House is agreeing to the same benchmarks they already agreed to in selling the surge months ago, as T2 noted earlier. NBC and Tim Russert bought the spin breathlessly hook, line, and sinker.

My position on the Democrats' choices when dealing with Iraq and their agenda is unpopular, but I continue to believe that the White House is doing everything it can to keep the Democrats focused on Iraq and not the rest of their agenda. Doing so serves the White House because it is the only issue that still keeps the GOP caucus together for a little while longer without the Democrats splitting the caucus on domestic issues. And by keeping the Democrats focused on Iraq and this ongoing stalemate caused by too few Democratic members in each house to force a change, it drags down the approval ratings of the Democratic congress for being seen as getting nothing done, and no one in the GOP is unhappy about that.

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