Friday :: May 11, 2007

Weekend Looming Quick Hits

by paradox

Sincere apologies for the erratic behavior of a deleted post last weekend, but I was stressed out and gloomily counting all the internal principles I trashed when I wrote it, so I chucked it. Didn’t make me feel that much better—what can truly be undone in this life?

--A fair bit, even with the most grievous transgressions and a little patience, as I hope Arriana Huffington finds out. I was disturbed to see her pictures at the Washington Correspondents Dinner—no self-respecting journalist should ever show up that nauseous event--but I’m extremely concerned at the news she hired Tom Edsall to be political director at her blog.

Scratch that bookmark, I’m not reading dangerous DC sycophants who call themselves journalists, especially when they get hired by someone like Arianna. When she fires Edsall I’ll read The Huffington Post again.

--It really is amusing, in one way, how my media criticism is written instantly off as partisan advocacy. Anyone who has read me for some time knows I often loathe Democrats and regale them to get it together in the most vociferous terms. I love some elected members of the party, but the party itself isn’t liberal, not hardly, and I’ve rarely encountered a more infuriating bunch of fools than DC Democrats.

I work to make the party better and more liberal, just as I work to get our media to report the truth, nothing more or less. I wish I knew of a way to effectively communicate that—it’s hard to know you’re written off even before on text character is read.

--The part I regret most about deleting that post were the links and raves for Sarah Robinson and David Neiwert of Orcinus. That blog is one of the best designs I have ever seen, and the intellects and writing skills of Neiwart and Robinson are unmatched. I can’t recommend Orcinus enough, do give it a try if you haven’t already.

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