Saturday :: May 12, 2007

Hidden Cost of War Still Obviously Sick

by paradox

An extremely alarming element of that horrifying war appropriations bill Bush vetoed was the unsaid and denied monstrous monetary cost of this disastrous war. Once again—it never matters how revered the historical principle was violated or decades of adherence to it previously—George Bush and the modern Republicans are given a pass in their quest to crush our country, $125 billion dollars of dreamy denial borrowing this time.

It’s just the latest installment of a $625 billion fantasy that just isn’t talked about, it’s how denial and delusion work, but adults are still watching this horror show who still have all their marbles, it’s outrageous for this squandering of our cash and future to occur right in front of us, so glibly assumed it will be sheepishly accepted.

The Washington Post, predictably, carried the cloak of denial dutifully last week, ironically titling an article “The Cost of War, Unnoticed.” Maybe it would be noticed more if the Post didn’t run the story on D1, denial four sections back to the theft of our money, the soft American propaganda so silky in its assurance with quotes from a Reagan official at Goldman Sachs, a Bush I toady, White House flak Fratto, and Grover Norquist for a psycho cherry on top.

Reality and sanity can be attained by ignoring the endless babbling of meaningless ratios and theory in the Post article with a simple public policy perspective: $125 billion represents 12 Nimitz class aircraft carriers fully fitted out with aircraft and weapons, a bigger fleet of the 95,000 ton leviathans we deploy in our navy now.

What happens when 12 aircraft carriers are deployed against a problem? Is it invested for a future result? Is it immediately useful? Does it just sort of sit there in a neutral so-so maybe existence? Or does 12 aircraft carriers worth of borrowing actually make the problem worse?

We all know the war in Iraq is a lying crime of futility that endangers us more, not makes us safer. The United States is borrowing for negative results, not just for this year, but for fours years with a mind-boggling total of $625 psychotic billion. No matter what The Washington Post tries in its babbling of what might or might not be harmful, Americans in reality know this monstrous borrowing to make things worse is a growing disaster of frightening proportions.

George Bush might regret so cavalierly returning to sanity in his wandering of war crimes by vetoing $125 billion. Congress might take notice and decided to stop being sick itself by stopping the borrowing and the war, stranger things have happened. It would be the height of irony that after all this insanity George Bush actually initiated the event that started the country back to a state of mental health, but citizens desperately trying to stay sane in this country will take it.

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