Monday :: May 14, 2007

Deputy AG Quits In Protest Over Sackings

by Steve

The AP is reporting at this hour that Deputy AG Paul McNulty, who was given misleading testimony for his congressional appearance by Gonzales's aides, yet told the truth about the removal of an experienced prosecutor to make way for a Karl Rove hatchetman, is resigning.

But his ultimate decision to step down, the aides said, was hastened by anger at being linked to the prosecutors' purge that Congress is investigating to determine if eight U.S. attorneys were fired for political reasons. The aides spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk publicly about McNulty's decision.

McNulty says he will stay on until a successor is named, but I suspect that he won't be the last to leave, as long as Gonzales remains as AG.

And those stupid House Republicans thought the matter had blown over last week? Yeah, sure. Watch what the Senate does now.

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