Wednesday :: May 16, 2007

How is Impeachment No Longer Inevitable?

by paradox

It’s a perfectly fair question, even though most Democrats and the DNC insist those who ask it are embarrassing obtuse dirty fucking hippies who should best be ignored.

The latest outrages are the precisely described "thuggish "behavior of our President and Attorney General as they burned the constitution, along with gross abuse of Congress and the rule of law by ignoring perfectly legal and valid Congressional subpoenas.

As Atrios asks, when are our Senators going to wake up to the fact that they actually have to do something about this? That incredibly lame statements that “the committee intends to get to the truth” are laughably inadequate?

There isn’t any way to get ourselves out the many urgent crises we have except as a start to get rid of the criminals who dare to represent our country as soon as possible. 2008 without Bush, Cheney, Rice, and Gonzales should be the first priority of our Congress, and no other.

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