Friday :: May 18, 2007

Don’t Vichy Me, Dianne

by paradox

Surely one of the great tragedies of modern American democracy is that there is no way to get a Senator to shut up. Ordinary constraint actors like supervisors, spouses and partners have zero effect upon flapping Senatorial lips, for getting in the 100 club means no one tells them what to do, especially the Majority Leader.

Dianne Feinstein is a Vichy Democratic traitor to all liberals, voter for elitist insane regressive taxation, war, cruel bankruptcy rules and pharmaceutical ass-kissing Medicare legislation, just to start on a long list of her heinous votes. Soft American journalism propaganda treats her as a corporate-enabler untouchable, the consequences of her actions are never, ever written or broadcast about, and she totally walked to an easy election victory last November.

That’s why she said something so infuriatingly stupid yesterday about a vote of “no confidence” for “expressing the will of the Senate” about what to do concerning our felon Attorney General. Steve briefly notes the screamingly obvious below: why not just impeach Gonzales?

Because Dianne Feinstein is a stupid Vichy Dem, that’s why, Vichy Democrats make ridiculous weak tactical statements without Majority Leader direction that release the guilty from any responsibility, don’t solve the problem, empirically demonstrate powerlessness and discourage the liberal base.

You’re not untouchable or unknown or un-watched at The Left Coaster, Miz Feinstein. Senators like you are precisely one of the main factors in how this country presently got so disastrously off course. Please take a good long look around, look at your voting record, try, if you can, to understand the vicious Republican reactionary freaks opposed to you willing to do anything to stay in power, and in the future never make a public tactical political statement without the direction of the Majority Leader. Please.

Many will be upset, seeing this writing as mean and inaccurate, surely Miz Feinstein means well and has done good things. Really? Let her prove it for once, as it’s finally time to impeach all of the felons who dare to lead us just shut up, Dianne, don’t go Vichy on me. Again.

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