Friday :: May 18, 2007

Steve is On The Road, Eh?

by paradox

I don’t think about taking the helm too much for the blog on the weekend, very much fewer surfers show up and expectations are normal. On a Friday, however, the normal hit count shows up expecting Steve and gets yours truly. This guy, hmmm?

So I take a puny stab at the mighty palisades of California senatorial power and brother Markos, orange Generalissimo of the ferocious leftist horde half a million strong at The Daily Kos, says it’s a “good step in the right direction.” Encouraging.

Dirty fucking hippie that I am, strawberries will now be on course in the ether. There is a great deal of politics in the production of food, it’s my rationalization for sensual gluttony, and few fruits can swamp the senses with such pleasure as a real organic ripe strawberry.

They should be the only kind available, of course, but growers in this state have commoditized the ethereal strawberry, poisoning the soil, fouling the air, abusing those who labor over them as they strip their dignity day after day, and in a final incredulous act of arrogance present a snow-topped piece of shit unripe strawberry, only fit for dunking in granulated sugar. It’s wrong, if y’all think it’s ranting then a real strawberry hasn't passed your lips, obviously.

The Los Angeles Times does a good job of reporting how California strawberry growers are fighting the smog rules so they can keep pumping poisonous gasses (fumigants) into the soils as they abuse humans to efficiently ship green fruit. It’s plainly asinine to pump poisons into the soil to grow food but California growers insist on exploiting the earth for money instead on nurturing humans. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Real strawberries are like real coffee and seriously soft toilet paper, once they’re experienced there is no going back. The legislature might have a positive effect on real sustainable techniques to grow fruit here, but a tangible act worth doing is to buy organic berries at the market or farmer’s market, the hippies are seriously on it this time, you'll know precisely what I mean after the first bite.

[Steve Gilliard would often write about food. I miss you, man, I pray for you all the time.]

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