Friday :: May 18, 2007

Democrats Look Cornered on Iraq

by paradox

Seeing negotiations with the White House lead to nothing over the next Iraq war bill this Friday evening reminded me, once again, of a line from Hullabaloo: “They make a great team.” Digby was referring to the Republicans and their corporate media apparatus so quaintly call the US “journalism” corps.

Democrats finally do the only sensible action in demanding that this country not be at war without end so Bush and the media beat them into a corner with a “welfare for the troops” meme on continuation of the war, the troops so conveniently forbidden to speak for themselves in this matter.

Nothing about starting a war with the most appalling evil principles that turned out to be based upon lies. Nothing about killing at least 250,000 Iraqis while creating one of the worst refugee crises in the new century. Nothing about the vast fortune squandered for plain regression, the increased danger the war puts into ever day, or the sick twisted morality of continuing the war with no identifiable purpose.

I think if the Democrats truly understood the nature of their opponents and invested even a minimal media strategy they wouldn’t be boxed in like this, yes. But they don’t, they’re up against a very good team, and like I’ve said before, I’m not leaving my people.

Nothing is certain yet in this particular evolution of the war, even though it looks bleak this weekend, yes. There is also another way stop the war, impeaching the Executive, and if pathetically bush league warm-ups like no-confidence votes are a way to get the ancient mental Congressional gears clanking on this, why, no-confidence away.

Fast change is shifting the US political landscape, only this is certain. Something will likely happen we don’t know about yet, so I wait, do the best I can this weekend, and stay with my people. It’s not much, but it’s the times we live in.

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