Sunday :: May 20, 2007

Jimmy Carter: Bush Worst President Ever

by paradox

The inimitable Meteor Blades of The Daily Kos and The Next Hurrah got to the story first of how Jimmy Carter correctly identified George Bush as the worst American president of all time yesterday, but two points were left out of the discussion from the fine people at Kos’s place that merit attention.

The first is that the rule set for ex-presidents (rules with big R’s and little R’s) have at the very top of list a Big R rule: do not criticize the current president in power, under any circumstances. The deal is this: no matter what your term is like, once it’s over you’re totally out of party agenda politics, completely retired, but in return the press never hits you again as life is cruised out as an American Elder Statesman.

The press went berserk with Bill Clinton, attacking him for pardons after his term was finished, but after just 60 days precedence comfortably wafted back into reality and Bill has enjoyed pleasant press while doing good elder statesman stay-out-of-it works ever since. Nixon and Ford never said a word about current presidential politics when they were alive, while Daddy Bush instantly got the drift, by his own admission cool with mute mellowing retirement.

Jimmy Carter is an impeccable Christian, the only Christian to serve a term in the modern American presidency (1946—2007), so our current elected representatives can perhaps snap out of their Washington DC stupors to possibly note that when Jimmy Carter, of all people, says Bush is the worst president of all time a screaming urgent crises might currently be gripping the country. Maybe they should do something about it, Jesus save us.

It has not been noted that Carter’s statements yesterday in fact put him and Rosalyn in a great deal of physical danger. One of the most dismaying and disgusting blogging episodes of all time belongs to Little Green Footballs, where thread participants explicitly advocated and hoped for a reported foiled assassination attempt on Jimmy Carter. No one, certainly not the principled US “journalism” corps, thought that was worthy of attention in its flaming hypocrisy and utterly serious threat to Jimmy.

[Jimmy Carter is not this sort of person, but some souls might break a big R rule of their life if society had so thrown the rules of civilized behavior out the window toward them.]

Holy Mary keep Jimmy safe from what those frothing sickos are going threaten the country and the Carter family with after yesterday. If there is any decent facet of George Bush’s soul left, just one tiny corner where perhaps light can still penetrate, he should immediately—today—order a very quiet and unobtrusive Secret Service attachment for Jimmy and Rosalyn for the rest of his term.

It’s that serious, the stupefying condoning of assassination for President Carter from a major conservative blog and the US “journalism” corps was only 90 days ago!

For someone like Jimmy to break a big R and risk physical danger must mean his distress and alarm at the country’s current geopolitical reality and politics is extremely acute. We know how you feel, Mr. President.

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