Monday :: May 21, 2007

Al Gore DIDN’T Invent the Internet?

by paradox

I had been warily aware that Time had written a cover story on Al Gore, and sure enough over the weekend Talking Points Memo Café and The Daily Howler linked to it, Rosenburg wry as the once relentlessly slammed talking points that AL GORE IS BORING had been glibly tossed aside by Gore’s talent and accomplishments, a winner of a presidential election, Oscar and Nobel Peace Prize just too “sexy” even for the chattering, ratings-hyena American “journalism” corps to ignore.

Somerby was predictably scathing at an American journalist’s corporate whoring, acidly noting that Time author Pooley actually wrote the truth in stating “(nor did he claim to have invented the Internet).” Somerby then demonstrated how Pooley himself spread the filthy political propaganda of Election 2000 that Al was a liar, “father of the internet” and other falsehoods clumsily weaved into his work.

I finally wandered over and read the work, and sure enough precisely 3,420 words into the 5,569 word cover story there it was, the truth: “He was never quite the wooden Indian his detractors made him out to be in 2000 (nor did he claim to have invented the Internet), but he did carry himself with a slightly anachronistic Southern formality that was magnified beneath the klieg lights of the campaign.”

Seeing the words reminded me of another horrible American journalism lie, the fabricated link of Saddam to 9/11 believed by 70% of Americans in 2003. Ridiculous fabrications and lies that could have been mentally trashed in 120 seconds instead came to dominate the discourse of our politics and are directly responsible for the worst president of all time, George Bush, and his horrifying endless war in Iraq.

As Glenn Greenwald and I have noted, these infuriating dangerous clowns who dare to call themselves journalists think all this is perfectly okay, their “profession” has done nothing wrong and there’s no need for corrective action or “professional” growth anywhere. They’ll look you straight in the face after watching the coffins come home and say you’ve got an anger problem, Jesus, how sick does it get?

Well, CBS and ABC still haven’t reported on the amazing Comey testimony, the President of the United States thumbing down the wife of a sick Attorney General (his own Attorney General!) so his thug chief of staff could get Bush official permission to spy on us. It doesn’t seem possible, but American “journalism” will still likely regress and get worse right in front of us.

It horribly stings to realize my liberal politics instantly gets my criticism written off as partisan manipulation. Our country, the middle east and the earth are going to hell in a handbasket this very day while “journalists” cluck around being annoyed at those pesky liberal manipulators in the blogs, even as they attempt some queasy chameleon act with the truth in Time: for seven years Al Gore invented the internet, but as of now he didn’t.

That, I think, will be the final factor of Gore’s decision not to run, as he and Tipper seemed committed to defending the whole article, an abhorrence (always unstated) of those sleazy, lying, oblivious American “journalists” like Pooley.

After all this time, work and effort, so much lost personally and for the country, why should Al put himself through the disgusting sick evil of American journalism again? They could easily wreck his campaign in just two weeks with some sick fabrication, they did it every month the last time he ran.

It’s one of the reasons I’ve always forgiven Al for not fighting back winter 2001, for not running in 2004, and all the other mistakes. No human should ever have to deal with the lying filth of American “journalism” like Al did, there is no way to win as they horribly smear you in the most personal way, but not running in 2008 would spare him that. It’s a dismaying outcome on a number of levels, but at the least Al wouldn’t have to be civil to a lying jackal American journalist like Pooley again.

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