Monday :: May 21, 2007

Specter Still Doesn't Get It

by Steve

Yesterday on “Face the Nation”, Arlen Specter predicted that Alberto Gonzales would resign before a no-confidence vote was taken in the Senate. This demonstrates that over six years into the Bush Administration GOP senators still don’t understand and therefore don’t know how to deal with this administration. Gonzales will not resign because he is serving a purpose to Bush: as long as Congress keeps its fire on him, they are not firing at Bush, and to W, that is all that matters. He willingly offers up a long-time friend to act as a shield. All of that changed with the Comey testimony last week, when it was revealed that Bush was directly involved in sending Alberto and Andy Card to John Ashcroft’s hospital bed to get a post-facto authorization for illegal acts, and then went ahead with those illegal acts even after not getting that coerced authorization. And lastly, even a wounded Alberto in nominal control of the Justice Department in a severely weakened state is better to Bush than having to return Justice back to a person of some independence who can get confirmed by this Senate.

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