Monday :: May 21, 2007

Dusting Off The ISG Report

by Steve

At a time when the optimism of everyday Americans is at an all-time low because of the war, another 15 Americans were killed over the weekend in Iraq.

The AP reports that the Sunnis are opposed to the draft Oil Law because it gives too much away to foreign oil companies. On top of that, the Kurds are opposed to the draft law as well, because it doesn’t allow them enough control over their own oil resources. These are the same concerns the Sunnis and Kurds have had for several years now, so it is fair to say that the Iraqi government has made no progress at all in this area. And this lack of progress comes at a time when the leading Shiite politician whom the Bush Administration was cajoling has now gone to Iran for medical treatment for lung cancer, while Iraqi vice-president and leading Kurd Jalal Talabani has rushed himself to the Mayo Clinic over the weekend.

With the Bush Administration surprised that the Oil Law is in doubt, of course the remedy seen by Cheney is to dump Nouri al-Maliki through a no-confidence vote and install CIA and Saudi stooge Iyad Allawi as a strongman prime minister to get the Oil Law through and use force to bring about political reconciliation. But you can see the handwriting on the wall: we engineer the sacking of al-Maliki in September and the installation of Allawi, and then the Bush Administration can argue that another year is needed for us to give the new government a chance to succeed.

Amidst the quagmire and lack of ideas from the Bush Administration for moving forward comes a renewed look at the bipartisan proposal that Bush shunned six months ago. The Post today reports that Congress and the Administration are dusting off the Iraq Study Group recommendations as a road map for how to proceed, albeit six months too late and hundreds of dead Americans later. As I said months ago, the Democrats should have adopted the ISG as their road map from the beginning and held Bush to this every week since, rather than get dragged into funding votes that they cannot win that drain their political momentum.

At least Democrats can now ask what good is a $600 million embassy in Baghdad if our underlying policy for the country is bankrupt. And why should even red-state Democrats place any more faith in the policies of an administration that ignored prophetic pre-war intelligence on what would likely happen in Iraq in the aftermath of Saddam’s toppling?

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