Tuesday :: May 22, 2007

They Make a Great Team

by paradox

Anonymous Liberal concludes, after evaluating Democratic Party performance in rumored futile capitulation to Bush over the Iraq war, that he’ll be a “little more forgiving” toward the Party after correctly assessing just how radical Bush is, how there are virtually no moral constraints on our war felon President. In the coming weeks the verdict is going to irrevocably arrive on our Party performance for opposition to the war, and Al’s pre-forgiveness for failure reiterates my own emphatic message on any possible upcoming Democratic failure over the war: I’m staying with my people.

Al is a good man and lawyer, so circumspect jurists like him just don’t come right out and say that Bush is a psychotic lying war criminal monster, Jesus, what kind of sleazoid plays Congressional chicken with the lives of our troops after all this horrifying lying, murder, domestic and foreign crimes, mayhem and shame?

We’re inured to the sight of him after seven years, but the next time Bush flops his putrid presence into one’s consciousness take a long, slow mental step back and soak in this vast criminal with lakes of blood at his feet, willing to do anything to get his way as he irrevocably cements his place in American history as the worst...of…all…time. None of us will ever see a President this putridly bad again. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi play by the rules with an opponent for whom the constitution means absolutely nothing.

A huge reason Bush behaves this way is that the US “journalism” corps enables him to. Greenwald an Al have both in the last three days came right out said what the Attorney General and Director of National Intelligence are: liars.

Just as Bush was when he toured the country for months saying Social Security was bankrupt. Not only was it grossly untrue, it also was doubly offensive in its childish technical inaccuracy. No one at CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, or NBC ever came right out and plain identified Bush the liar he was and is, so to this day Bush lies with impunity, it has been empirically demonstrated to him year after year the US “journalism” corps condones it.

Note that Greenwald and Al are highly educated, qualified, cautious, experienced, immensely dedicated lawyers, any modern democracy would be thrilled to have such precious dedicated legal minds as citizens (angry left my ass). When men like these say the highest officials of the United States government are rank liars it is the truth.

That great central truth--that all of our highest-ranking officials in the federal government lie to us all the time, every day—will never be reported as plain fact by our “journalism” corps. This is what Digby meant when she wrote “they make a great team.” Even if the Democratic Party had billions of dollars in cash, great political talent coast to coast and hordes of angry peaceniks getting firehosed in the streets they likely still would be defeated by President Liar and American Orwell Journalism. That’s some team.

Possible news that Democrats will capitulate with zero gains on the Iraq war is a knife to the gut, and anguished arrrgh moment that instantly leads to a desperate search for the most precious souls in life to get real close. Everybody here? Some terrible shit is about to come down or just has and whatever the hell happens doesn’t matter as long as we’re together. Just stay together, we’ll never recover from this hit on our own.

It will be a bad hit. But the country and the party will never have a chance if I and others stomp away for whatever immature reasons and I couldn’t anyway. Not a chance—if this terrible moment for our country and party is about to occur know this: I’m staying with my people.

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