Tuesday :: May 22, 2007

New Iraq Strategy Lasts Through Remainder of Bush's Term

by Steve

The Post reports in Wednesday's edition that the "new" plan for Iraq is a three-pronged strategy involving weeding bad actors out of the Iraqi government; using US forces to make Iraqi streets safe; and increasing the size of the Iraqi forces so that they can take over. . . someday.

Oh, and the strategy just happens to run through the end of Bush's term.

Good to know that surge thingie was just a temporary thing. I'm sure the GOP incumbents in 2008 are glad to know that Bush assumes an elevated troop level well into 2008 and throughout the remainder of his term. The strategy assumes so many things go right on the ground in Iraq that it is almost a joke. It also assumes that the escalation well into 2009 won't break our military. And yet this is what the GOP is rubber-stamping for the White House, and the Democrats have still failed to get this message out there.

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