Wednesday :: May 23, 2007

What I Learned At My Evangelical Law School

by Steve

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So this is what they teach the faithful at Robertson's law school?

Monica Goodling’s day before the House Judiciary Committee is now underway, and Christy at Firedoglake is live-blogging it today. Goodling’s opening statement can be found here. She has already thrown Deputy AG Paul McNulty under the bus and blamed him and the White House, not herself, for lying to Congress, which tracks nicely with Alberto’s efforts to blame McNulty, others, and not himself for the whole prosecutor mess.

So Goodling blames McNulty and Harriet Miers, and by inference Rove for being more involved in this than she was, even though she was the White House liaison for DOJ, and even though Alberto delegated all day-to-day matters to her and Kyle Sampson. She is in a very risky position given her limited immunity and McNulty’s ability to come right back and undermine her testimony. But at least we now know that they don't teach integrity, ethics, or responsibility at Pat Robertson's Wingnut University.

The Los Angeles Times runs a decent backgrounder on her today, yet misleads readers with the sloppy mistake of never disclosing that Mark Corallo, whom they quote simply as “a former Justice Department spokesperson” is actually a paid outside flack for Karl Rove and Barbara Comstock’s media disinformation efforts.

And as looseheadprop noted at Firedoglake, the ruination of the federal prosecutor corps by this bunch of Texas hucksters is now a bipartisan matter of concern from former prosecutors and the major law firms in the country.

Let's see how far into the hearing we get today before one of the Democrats nails Goodling for her BS.

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