Friday :: May 25, 2007

Changing The Mission Is A Delaying Tactic

by Steve

Bush’s effort to do anything possible to kick the Iraq can down the road until he leaves office is clearer today. The Post noted in its coverage of Bush’s press conference yesterday that Bush noted three times his newfound support for the ISG recommendation that our mission be changed in the fall from security to training, a switch that Bush could have made months ago when the report first came out.

Now today, Mitch McConnell notes that Bush will change policy in the fall and set his own timetable.

Clearly, the GOP and Bush will portray any delayed acceptance of the ISG recommendations this fall as a new way forward that requires elevated troop levels throughout all of 2008, so that the White House can try and have its surge and its spin at the same time. The end result is still the same: Bush will look for any cover to prevent Congress from telling him what to do in Iraq while he is still in office, and he plans to dump a withdrawal decision onto his successor. His GOP enablers in Congress have their own political reasons for trying to spin a purported mission change as flexibility on the road to withdrawal, yet Bush could have accepted the ISG report recommendations last December and been months down the path towards withdrawal already, but he and his cronies in Congress chose escalation instead. And if the situation presents itself, Cheney can strike Iran in the meantime, rendering all such talk of a mission change to be moot.

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