Saturday :: May 26, 2007

Online Chatter Grows for Gore

by paradox

For whatever anecdotal evidence is worth from watching diary topics at The Daily Kos, it was a little startling to see Al Gore posts pop up everywhere after The Capitulation, a spontaneous, poignant burst of longing for a real leader who might get us out of this incredible mess. Whatever explanations or rationalizations put forth from Democratic leadership completely failed for The Capitulation, and the Al Gore posts were simply a demonstrative yearning for real leadership.

Confused good citizens who want simple peace were peppered with a scattershot of analysis for senseless war: the Republicans still own it (even though we all do), the Democrats wouldn’t be in this spot if they’d got the media narrative together in February, Reid and Pelosi don’t have the votes, Bush is totally impenetrable with nothing to run for and no successor to protect, the Republicans are authoritarian tribal alpha male worshippers.

One waits until this September when, by some magical mystical political pixie dust emanated from Fall calendars, leadership somehow accepts reality and ends the war. Why politicians insist on lying to us when they’re so consistently bad at it is beyond me.

I’m going to spend the rest of the day with duty at the house. I love my little place and hate to leave it, one can almost always find me here. There aren’t any answers or explanations for why it has to be, it’s just another day of war for America, and all I know how to do is try to be a good person. Lately it feels like it will never be enough, no matter what I do with the time given to us my country and society let the world down real bad.

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