Sunday :: May 27, 2007

Cynical Democrats and their uncritical supporters

by soccerdad

Hillary Clinton's cynical vote against the Iraq funding bill encapsulates the approach of the democratic leadership's approach to the Iraq war. Clinton sat back showed no leadership, did not shape the debate or policy and then when it was clear that the funding measure would pass, then voted against it. This puts her in the position of claiming she voted against the funding thus casting herself as antiwar without leaving much of a trail freeing her to put any spin on it she wants.

And that has been the approach of the Deocratic leadership all along. Paying lipservice to the antiwar position of the people while backing down at the first sign of difficulty. There has been a lot of talk about strategy etc but this is a waste of time. Let,s be clear, the Deocratic leadership is in no way interested in ending the ocupation of Iraq. Even the "antiwar" measures or ammendments advanced by Democrats would have left major troop commitments in Iraq for the forseeable future. What the Demopublicans want is the Iraqi government to pass the oil law and end the violence so that the oil business can get established.

To be against the Iraqi war, as opposed to complaining of ineffective war leadership, would mean a repudiating the Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive force and the use of military power to secure energy resources. That the Demopublicans are not going to do this is obvious by the support of everyone for attacks on Iran. Among the series of of blank checks written by Congress is one telling Bush that he need not check with Congress regarding an attack on Iran.

One should also consider that Bush's invasion of Iraq is really just the logical extension of the Carter Doctrine and a logical escalation of Clinton's attempt to bring down Saddam by sanctions and limited bombing.

So spare me all the crap about Dems being cowards or not having a strategy. Its time for people to wake up look at the history and realize that the democratic leadership does not represent the antiwar sentiment in the US.

As David Sirota correctly points out the Democratic leadership following the vote on the Iraq funding is straight from the George Orwell manual of misdirection.

Quoting Sirota

Same thing, I might add, from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Hours after the blank check vote, the organization sent out a fundraising letter saying:

“The House just passed legislation that will go to the White House that includes critical issues Democrats have been fighting for including canceling the President’s blank check in Iraq.”

And, big shocker, there was Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) telling reporters that giving Bush a blank check somehow represents “the beginning of the end of the president’s policy in Iraq.”

Of course they think we are all too stupid to see through this crap. But then again most dems are more concerned about gaining the same power the republicans have rather than providing an alternative to the neoliberal-based imperialistic actions of an empire that slaughters millions in the quest for oil.

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