Sunday :: May 27, 2007

Clarification of Liberal Defense Policy

by paradox

As the United States prepares to waste ninety…five…billion…dollars on the criminal insane war of Iraq approved last week, I think it’s a very good time for liberals and the Democratic Party to starkly outline our defense policy and future weapons procurement plans. Not all of us have understandably flipped out about $95 billion approved to kill innocents, and the truth is that no matter what happens after this incredible debacle of crime called Iraq huge chunks of the electorate still will not vote for liberals because they think Democrats don’t have a political defense posture, when they’re not actively trying to eliminate the Department of Defense altogether.

That’s inexcusable and almost as insane as the Iraq war itself. Rage in the present does not preclude duty to the future, liberals have duty toward defense and weapons whether they like it or not. Maybe if Democrats communicated more clearly and often what they believe in for defense they wouldn’t be sneered at as untrustworthy by so many, even in our most critical times of crises like this.

The first thing outsiders should know is that Democratic presidents do not cut defense budgets. In a shameful history of juvenile testosterone poisoning and pathetic shields against criticism of weakness Johnson, Carter and Clinton all jacked hundreds of annual billions more into the DOD. Liberals like myself are furious about it and will try mightily to change it, but the cool empirical reality of history strongly suggests a Democratic president will not choose a radical (meaning deserved and sane) reduction in defense spending.

The second fact that should be widely known is that Democrats serve, veterans from all the services are everywhere in the party. It’s just amazing that Democrats are considered untrustworthy outsiders on defense when so many elected party leaders have served, we know the armed forces and can talk to them if we try in a unified, planned way. Even a list with images on the DNC website and approved talking points about Democratic veterans would be a vast improvement over current party silence.

The third very important fact for prospective voters to know is that although there are vocal elements of the party that believe the DOD is evil and should be eliminated altogether, a great majority of Democrats of course realize the world will always be full of threats, and of course the United States will have armed services ready to counter them in the future.

Liberals like myself will spend the rest of our lives making sure the United States does so in sane, affordable measures, that’s all, in correct proportion to the threats we face.

Correct defense policy can easily be reached with a 50%--that’s completely correct, fifty percent—cut in annual defense spending. Democrats can end disastrous wars of incredible expense and use a sane, fiscally responsible weapons policy that promises a 25% reduction in defense spending for 2010.

The totalitarian militaristic killing freaks called Republicans who will howl about it should simply be told to shut up, they bankrupted the country with their defense insanity only to lose and make us much less safer. Real defense change brought forth by Democrats is greatly more feasible than in the past, if only for the reason the defense establishment will be so weakened and disgraced after Iraq is finally over.

Democrats don’t lie and squander our Army and Marine Corps on false threats. Democrats do not give the Armed Forces everything they want in insane weapons buying binge when the country is broke and needs investments elsewhere. Do those two easily attainable goals and talking points seem so hard for the DNC and 2008 candidates to endorse?

No. Such a simple concept and word, so foreign to our Armed Services. No, for the love of Jesus no, no you’re not getting the F-22, Air Force, not after the incredible fortune invested in the Joint Attack Fighter. No, USN, no you’re not getting a new $20 billion aircraft carrier class, you’ll just have to make it on the $6 billion models you get now, and don’t even think about asking for a new submarine class again.

In your face from outer space? No. Tens of billions of annual dollars for permanent bases in Iraq? No. Hundreds of billions for a completely new set of thermonuclear warheads and weapons? For the love of Jesus, Mary and Joseph™, NO.

There’s the 25% 2010 defense budget reduction, such a simple denial for the weapons fetishists in the armed forces to meet such other urgent, sane goals for the country. Democrats can strongly advocate a sane defense policy that truly makes us safe or stay livid with outraged on the sidelines, un-trusted by all and marginalized in the future of our country.

[This work will be automatically cross-posted at The Daily Kos, yet another instance where I’m amused at the characterization of blogging as “preaching to the choir.” One of the reasons The Daily Kos became the Democratic Party hub online is that Markos is an Army veteran, it was a safe place for Democrats and liberals place after the rampant militarism of 9/11. This work will be ignored with a few comments, if any, militarism is just an accepted fact of life in the big orange machine. The great rebellious Daily Kos has always shut up and accepted insane US military spending, and this instance will be no exception.]

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