Tuesday :: May 29, 2007

How Would A Gore/Obama Ticket Fare In 2008?

by Steve

Howard Fineman’s latest column for Newsweek’s next edition tells us the following:

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and GOP maverick Chuck Hagel have already discussed pairing up as an independent ticket for 2008.

Bloomberg and Al Gore are friends, and talk, but Gore has already dismissed the idea of heading up an independent ticket next year with Bloomberg or anyone else, saying he is a Democrat only.

The corporate world now sees profits in going “green” and has warmed significantly to Gore.

A close associate of Gore’s says a run next year is now up to “50-50”, and some think that there is much interest in a Gore/Obama ticket for 2008. And any such ticket would come after Gore spends months bashing the media for degrading our country with its focus on mindless celebrity over real issues.

Tell me how you think things would turn out in 2008 if there were a choice of Gore/Obama, Bloomberg/Hagel, and Giuliani/whomever for the GOP. In that scenario, who do you think wins it?

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