Thursday :: May 31, 2007

Hello there!

by Erin Alecto

I want to thank Mary and Steve for the opportunity to post at The Left Coaster and I hope I can live up to the trust they’ve so kindly given. I’ve already met some of you in the comments; many thanks to Judith, phidipides and tempus for the jolly welcome, I look forward to hearing from more of you as you get to know me better. As a long-time lurker, I’ve come to enjoy the lively community here at TLC, and I’m grateful for the chance to contribute my two cents worth to the discussion. So, let’s get to it.

Talk about bad timing. At the same time Bush is finally admitting he wants our troops to remain in Iraq indefinitely, Hillary explains her no vote on the funding bill thusly:

LAS VEGAS - White House hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday defended her vote against an Iraq war funding bill, saying she believes President Bush will begin withdrawing troops from Iraq soon.

One wonders whose vote Hillary is trying to garner with her sudden trust in George Bush. After the fury aimed at Democrats over the recent funding bill and its lack of timelines, the senator appears out of touch with the mood of Americans who are turning away from the president in general and have long ago turned away from the Iraq occupation.

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