Thursday :: May 31, 2007

Where is the No Confidence Vote on Gonzo?

by paradox

It was announced--much to my immense dismay--on May 17th that one Alberto Gonzales, our gonzo Attorney General, would face a vote of “no confidence” as “early as next week” in the United States Senate. Senators Schumer and Feinstein bravely touted the daring, innovative, cunning tactic with the greatest confidence, sure its searing shame would force our felon Gonzo to political oblivion and resignation.

Well? Next week was May 21-25, and it’s now May 29th. There has been absolutely nothing from either Schumer or Feinstein about this alleged tooty-fruity manoeuvre taking place except for a caption on Dianne’s site that the vote “could come in a matter of weeks.”

I have 736 words here about how infuriatingly weak, stupid, and lame this ridiculous move of “no-confidence” was and is, but this judgment is precipitous. April 6 will be three weeks since the announcement, and a proper evaluation of the results of “no-confidence” will be presented then.

When the no confidence vote date is announced, this magical mystical day of Machiavellian Senate swordplay, a formal codified explanation as to why the Senate Intelligence Committee released the Iraq Prewar Intelligence Assessment on the Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend would be appreciated too, Miz Feinstein.

I am a very loyal Party member, yes, but I won’t tolerate gross incompetence cloaked in immature arrogance. If we don’t get some answers Feinstein and Schumer will be held accountable at The Left Coaster, accountability a concept that still won’t penetrate the steel DC skulls of our Senators, despite repeated attempts over the years to do so.

UPDATE: Thanks to bumblebuns at The Daily Kos in the comments, Schumer has announced the vote to be "in mid-June." The assertion is contradicted by the office of the Majority Leader, one of the reasons I am so very angry about this bush league behavior. But these Senators deserve a chance to see how it plays out.

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