Thursday :: May 31, 2007

More Bush Inaction On Global Warming

by Steve

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Ahead of the G-8 summit, which will heap criticism upon the Bush Administration for doing nothing on global warming for seven years, Bush today announces that we should do something by the time he leaves office so that his successor will have to do the dirty work. He says this without acknowledging that his administration is blocking the G-8’s efforts to require firm targets, and instead Bush wants to push this off until after he leaves office.

Our allies know that the Bush Administration is isolated from the American public and even Corporate America on this issue, yet only Bush could think that leapfrogging the G-8 and other existing forums in an attempt at face-saving will work. Even at this late date, the administration lamely only talks about technology instead of firm commitments, rendering the United States irrelevant and with no leverage to drag China and India to the table.

Then again, we're already looking stupid at the G-8 this week anyway, so what's another embarrassment. Maybe Bush can offer to take them all to Kennebunkport with Putin, but I suspect that the world community has moved beyond the Bush Administration and is waiting for 2009.

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