Thursday :: May 31, 2007

The "Hard Work" Excuse On Global Warming

by Steve

In the media accounts you see of Bush's alleged change in tone about global warming today, please read closely what he actually said. Once you do, you will realize that after seven years of doing nothing on global warming, the only thing Bush committed to today was to "convene a series of meetings".

The objective of today's announcement was to create the appearance that Bush was doing something, and to bamboozle the media. It worked to some degree with the New York Times, which said that Bush's announcement was significant because he seemed to accept for the first time that the United States should set specific goals, even though Bush has wasted seven critical years and is in no position now to accomplish anything in his last year in office. This was by design.

The official added, "We want to create a long-term signal that we want to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. . . . It doesn't magically happen overnight. This is hard work."

Yes, there’s the “it’s hard work” defense again. Bush uses that every time he wants to justify doing nothing or to paper over his inability to do his job. And it’s clear from this official that the administration is more interested in sending a “signal” than they were in actually calling for specific reductions. Never mind the fact that Bush has had seven years as president to overcome his aversion to doing hard work.

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