Friday :: Jun 1, 2007

The real victim here

by Erin Alecto

By now, everyone's heard the story of Andrew Speaker, the personal injury lawyer who was told he had a rare strain of TB, but decided to travel to Europe anyway, because he says was told he wasn't contagious or a threat to anyone. He's been making the rounds, thanks to a sympathetic media, to explain how it just wasn't his fault that he exposed countless people to a dangerous disease.

Digby makes some good points about American exceptionalism and the disdain for socialized medicine here, and I agree. Is Speaker saying that doctors in Europe have never treated TB and would have killed them with their inexperience? What nonsense.

In reading his story this morning, I get the distinct impression Mr. Speaker is making his case in advance of lawsuits from other passengers who might have been exposed to the disease, and against the CDC, for “abandoning him” after he’d been warned not to travel. They didn’t offer to pay for a chartered flight to bring him, home, he whines. “Everyone knew!” he complains, “How could they let me travel, when they all knew?” And the kicker: he says he’s got a tape recording of a meeting with health officials that he said would confirm his view that it was OK to travel in his condition; he says this immediately after insisting that he “never thought he was sick enough to infect others.” Right. Then why did you feel the need to tape that meeting? To me, that action negates the man's attempt to blame everyone else for not saving him from himself. I wonder what a judge will think once the lawsuits start flying.

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