Friday :: Jun 1, 2007

It should be obvious

by Erin Alecto

Sometimes it’s difficult to resist the feeling of dread at the direction our country is headed when you read things like this. It appears greater wingnuttia is working itself up into an apoplexy over the “elite media’s” “deliberate” silence over recently discovered torture manuals found in supposed Al Qaeda safehouses in Iraq. They wonder why those how-tos by the terrorists are being ignored when pictures and stories of Abu Ghraib got so much attention a couple years ago. Glenn Greenwald’s answer should be obvious:

The reason that it is news that the U.S. tortures, but not news that Al Qaeda does, is because Al Qaeda is a barbaric and savage terrorist group which operates with no limits, whereas the U.S. is supposed to be something different than that. Isn't it amazing that one even needs to point that out?

Yes, Glenn, it is amazing. It's as if these people, which include most of the Republican presidential candidates, don't understand the simple fact that a country cannot be a moral leader on the world stage if they cannot lead morally.

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