Monday :: Jun 4, 2007

Open Thread

by Mary

One thing Monica Goodling's testimony did was to raise some questions about what Tim Griffin was doing for Karl Rove in 2004. Last week Dahlia Lithwick wrote about the allegations of caging that was reported in the BBC in 2004, but mostly ignored in the press (if not the blogosphere) until Monica brought it up in her testimony. Dahlia believes that if this was one of the things Monica briefed McNulty on, then it should be taken seriously. Also, ThinkProgress reported that it was the noise around caging that seemed to be the trigger that caused Tim Griffin to decide he would not allow his name to be put forward for the US Attorney in Arkansas. Most likely because he didn't want to have to testify under oath about his activities in 2004. So when is Congress going to dig into this aspect of Karl's illegal scheme to suppress the minority vote?

Your turn now.

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