Monday :: Jun 4, 2007

Did Bush Sandbag Merkel On Global Warming Announcement?

by Steve

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It appears that George W. Bush’s announcement last week about his alleged acceptance of emission targets to slow global warming has split the G8 nations at a time when unified action to reduce greenhouse gasses was the only hope this planet had to stave off extinction. The Financial Times reports this morning that Bush’s announcement has driven a wedge between Europe and other members of the G8 that wanted a less restrictive accord. Specifically, Bush has managed to draw Japan and Canada into his camp on the issue, whereby the three non-European countries only want to commit to meetings and using technology to reduce emissions while Europe feels that mandatory reduction targets by 2050, a ceiling on global temperature increases, and a global emissions trading scheme are all required outcomes.

As a result of the schism Bush had created with his late grenade into the debate, he has made it easier for China, India, and other “developing” nations to take advantage of the dissension among the G-8 and only commit to technology and nonbinding measures, thereby ensuring that nothing is done over the next decade while the planet dies. Yet Bush’s original reason for opposing Kyoto was that the agreement did nothing to bind China, India, and other major emerging producers to meet any targets while economic competitors in the more developed world would be burdened with mandatory reduction targets. Now, Bush has enabled China to still do nothing because the United States has done nothing for almost a decade and because he allows China to hide behind the false notion that they are still a developing country that shouldn’t be held to the same standards as other nations, even though China emits an ever increasing amount of pollutants into the environment while American consumers bankroll its growth from trade policies that simultaneously destroy America’s industrial base.

Separately, note that German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who along with Tony Blair are the primary forces leading Europe to insist on a more aggressive unified effort against further warming, met recently with Bush at the White House. Yet she now seems caught off guard at Bush’s announcement last week which in essence undermined the work she and the rest of Europe had done to lay the groundwork for more pressure on the United States and the developing nations to overcome their inaction. Are we to believe that Bush said nothing to her about this when she visited him in January, and that he sandbagged his friend from Germany with his announcement last week?

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