Tuesday :: Jun 5, 2007

The Non-Candidates Are Doing Pretty Well

by Steve

Pew graphic

On the heels of two new polls, one a Pew poll and the other a USAT/Gallup poll, I have several questions.

What does it say about the GOP field when a guy who isn’t very well known polls as well if not better than the top three GOP candidates who have spent millions and been on the trail for months? (Pew poll)

How galling is it for McCain to see that he has now hit Gingrich territory?

What direction does Hillary head now, given that Obama has caught her among Democrats (the Gallup poll), and that the number of Democrats who say there is a “good chance” that they would vote for her has fallen from 52% to 44% since February (Pew poll)?

What does it say for the Democratic field when a guy who isn’t running is now third ahead of Edwards?

And lastly, tell me again why the Democrats were afraid of a president whose approval rating has fallen to 29%?

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