Wednesday :: Jun 6, 2007

Desert Storm?

by Erin Alecto

Get ready for another rise in gas prices:

Oman evacuated tens of thousands of people Wednesday, suspended oil exports, and closed the major port of Sohar as a weakening Cyclone Gonu roared toward the Strait of Hormuz — the world's major transport artery for Persian Gulf oil.

This is the strongest cyclone to hit the area in 60 years and they expect not only a disruption in shipping, but damaging storm surges in the coastal areas of Iran and neighboring states. The storm reached Category 5 earlier in the week, but has weakened considerably, thank goodness. As everyone is aware, scientists have predicted a very active hurricane season in the Atlantic, though it's not going to be as severe as 2005, when Katrina devastated the Gulf region. Even so, another direct hit by a lesser storm on an infrastructure still in disarray could be just as damaging to the area, especially since there's no reason to believe the government has gotten any better at responding to emergencies in the last couple years. Remember Kansas?

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