Thursday :: Jun 7, 2007

A Meaningless G-8 Agreement

by Steve

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Angela Merkel gets the hollow victory today whereby the G-8 allegedly agrees to the “goal” of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This “huge success” is meaningless because Bush agreed to only "seriously consider" reduction targets, and a president who issues signing statements to undo legislation here at home will eagerly ignore whatever he allegedly agreed to at the G-8. Worse, until the G-8 adopts hard reduction targets, it is in no position to force China, India, and the rest of the next tier of countries to do the same as a condition for entering this exclusive club in some form.

The disconnect between our global trading system, which is rigged to ensure profits for multinationals, and our global environmental policies is stark. Bush willfully allows trading partners like China and India to profit from the destruction of our economic base in this country through his trade policy, where these countries rack up the trade surpluses that would allow them the means to make the investments in emission reductions. Yet Bush through his negligence is enabling China and India to skate on making the same sacrifices that other nations are ready to make now to reduce greenhouse gasses, which ensures that the planet dies for the sake of profits.

Until the G-8 adopts hard emission reduction targets and requires the next tier countries who are profiting the most from globalization to also meet reduction targets or face the loss of their trading benefits, nothing of consequence will be achieved in saving this planet. Why should a country continue to benefit from WTO membership and cushy trade deals if it rejects its responsibilities towards saving this planet?

We all know the answer: money.

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