Friday :: Jun 8, 2007

Damn Hollywood liberals!

by Erin Alecto

I've heard several progressives on the web, on tv and on the radio claim that there's no way Fred Thompson is going to be the Republican nominee for president in '08, much less win the election. "He's too far to the right," they say, or "he's just an actor/lobbyist/whatever." Just yesterday, Rachel Maddow on Air America declared that Guiliani would be the nominee coming out of the primaries because the far right loonies will split the vote. It sounds logical, doesn't it?

Don't be too sure, I say. Via TPM, we learn that in the first 48 hours of opening a campaign website Thompson raised $352,323. And this is supposedly without fanfare or marketing. Judging by the last GOP "debate," which was more like a tough-guy competition, the Republicans know that their base wants a manly man, not an expensively-coiffed wimp, or even worse, a woman!

Both Glenn Greenwald and Digby have been stellar in their recording the GOP fascination with manly-men, and the pundits' drooling over Thompson. As they say, read the whole thing; absorb the lesson, feel the disgust of the easily-led GOP base. And if you think America won't elect another actor for president, you're not watching the headlines. If the Democrats think they're going to skate to a win because the public is ready for a serious campaign, they'd better turn on CNN and find out what's really important to the people. Let me tell you, it isn't Iraqis dying in suicide attacks.

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