Saturday :: Jun 9, 2007

The War on Terror – Making War Promoters Rich

by soccerdad

The construct of the WOT serves a number of purposes such as trying to justify the governments imperialism and as a means to scare the populace in an effort to control them. But lets not underestimate the profit motive. Jebediah Reed has an article in Radar magazine with some interesting information.

In this age of outsourcing, 70 percent of the nation's estimated $48 billion intelligence budget goes straight into the pockets of private contactors—and an ample portion of the $58 billion earmarked for homeland security is also up for grabs. For creepy little firms in the defense sector, the road to profitability is paved with government contracts. But landing those coveted deals is often dependent on having friends in those high places where procurement decisions are made.

Lets look at some of the players:
George Tenet – has joined the British military tech firm QinetiQ just one of the gigs that has helped Tenet earn 2.3 million since retiring in 2004. A skeptical UK government audit called QinetiQ's profits "excessive." So what's their point?
Paul Bremer - who couldn’t keep track of $9 billion in cash in Iraq has signed on at BlastGard. For his 100k shares of stock he has promised to "[get] this technology introduced to key decision makers."
Richard Perele>- It seems that Perle had carefully positioned himself to get rich (well, richer) off the same war he was busily promoting. His most notable shenanigan was a secret lunch to shake loose $100 million from Saudi investors for Trimere Partners, his defense industry venture capital fund. But Perle also had—and has—a post at Autonomy Corp, which designs eavesdropping and data mining software. The company has boasted about having more than 30 U.S. "intelligence-related and classified organizations" as customers.
Louis Freeh - He now shills for L-1 Identity Solutions, makers of advanced facial recognition and retina scanning gadgetry. In their own words, L-1's consultants have their fingers in all sorts of pies, "from the situation rooms of Washington, D.C., to the back alleys of the Third World."
Wayne Downing - former Deputy National Security Advisor is now on the board of Metal Storm which makes a supergun that can shoot 1 million rounds a minute.
James Woolsey works at Systems Laboratories and runs a Homeland Security Fund at Paladin Capital.

You aren't surprised are you?

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