Sunday :: Jun 10, 2007

Iraq – The Success of “Creative Destruction”

by soccerdad

Yesterday’s WaPo details how the US army is arming and supporting Sunnis fighting against al Qaeda in Amiriyah.

The American soldiers in Amiriyah have allied themselves with dozens of Sunni militiamen who call themselves the Baghdad Patriots -- a group that American soldiers believe includes insurgents who have attacked them in the past -- in an attempt to drive out al-Qaeda in Iraq. The Americans have granted these gunmen the power of arrest, allowed the Iraqi army to supply them with ammunition, and fought alongside them in chaotic street battles.

What could possibly go wrong with this strategy?
But aligning Americans with fighters whose long-term agenda remains unclear -- with regard to either Americans or the Shiite-led government -- is also a strategy born of desperation. It contradicts repeated declarations by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki that no groups besides the Iraqi and American security forces are allowed to bear arms. And some American soldiers worry that standing up a Sunni militia could have dire consequences if the group turns on its U.S. partners.

Details details. However, the WaPo acts like this is a new and novel strategy. In fact, the US has armed and trained death squads and rogue militias since the beginning of the war. Do you think Negroponte and his sidekicks went to Iraq for a vacation? In fact, it is clear that the US strategy has been to let the Iraqis kill each other off and so have promoted a civil war rather than stop it. Let’s do some quick math for an evaluation of the strategy. Iraq was a country of about 27 million people. According to the Lancet study published almost a year ago, upwards of 700k Iraqis had been killed. So if it was approaching a million people by the end of this year would be no great surprise. An estimated 2.2 million Iraqis have left the country and 2 million may be refugees within Iraq looking for someplace to go. LINK That totals to nearly a fifth of the Iraqi population.

The country is in ruins with most of its infrastructure destroyed or barely operating. A large percentage of the doctors have left the country and the medical system is in tatters. As another facet of this “creative destruction” has been the role of Americans and British in the destruction of Iraq’s heritage and history and thus its identity.

The tragic fate of the national museum in Baghdad in April 2003 was as if federal troops had invaded New York city, sacked the police and told the criminal community that the Metropolitan was at their disposal. The local tank commander was told specifically not to protect the museum for a full two weeks after the invasion. Even the Nazis protected the Louvre.
It is abundantly clear that the Americans and British are not protecting Iraq's historic sites. All foreign archaeologists have had to leave. Troops are doing nothing to prevent the "farming" of known antiquities. This is in direct contravention of the Geneva Convention that an occupying army should "use all means within its power" to guard the cultural heritage of a defeated state.

Additional reports confirm the continuing fragmentation of Iraq with an impotent government unable to control even the capital city. LINK The only real problem for the Bush regime is that more American soldiers have been killed. The more Iraqis killed the better for Bush and the American empire especially if they are killing each other. And as the Democratic leadership have demonstrated their support for the war and American imperialism in the Middle East, more reports are surfacing detailing the long term occupation of Iraq.

U.S. military officials here are increasingly envisioning a "post-occupation" troop presence in Iraq that neither maintains current levels nor leads to a complete pullout, but aims for a smaller, longer-term force that would remain in the country for years.

Yeah, well post-occupation should be in quotes for the sheer hypocrisy of the term. So it seems to me that the US occupation of Iraq is going pretty much as planned (no they are not incompetent, just unbelievably brutal). Another couple of years and another million or so dead Iraqis and we should be able to start pumping that oil.

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