Tuesday :: Jun 12, 2007

Fallon: Where's the Oil Law?

by Steve

As soccerdad noted below, Admiral Fallon's message to al-Maliki yesterday: where's the Oil Law?

Yes, the Holy Grail of Iraqi political reconciliation, at least to the White House, is passing a law that rapes Iraq of its oil and revenues so that Big Oil is happy. Fallon actually tells al-Maliki that Congress and the American people would consider it a sign of success that Iraq passed the Oil Law.

Yeah, I'm sure the passage of such a plundering law would give comfort to the fathers and mothers of our dead soldiers over the coming months, that their sacrifice was needed to ensure that ExxonMobil has ready access to Iraq's oil instead of Russian and European firms, and that their deaths were necessary so that our SUVs can stay filled.

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