Tuesday :: Jun 12, 2007

More Info on al-Marri Decision

by soccerdad

Marty Lederman has some very interesting details on yesterday's ruling in the al-Marri case. Steve had information yesterday. The court ruled that al-Marri could not be detained indefinitely in military prison.

What we learn from Marty Lederman's post is why al-Marri was moved to military detention. He had been in criminal detention for 16 months prior to being moved. There were two reasons. He was moved soon after al-Marri filed a motion to surpress certain evidence. So, it would appear that moving him eliminated his day in court. Secondly, he was moved so that he could be tortured. This is from yesterdays court decision as reproduced in Marty Lederman's post:

We note, however, that not only has the Government offered no other explanation for abandoning al-Marri’s prosecution, it has even propounded an affidavit in support of al-Marri’s continued military detention stating that he "possesses information of high intelligence value." See Rapp Declaration. Moreover, former Attorney General John Ashcroft has explained that the Government decided to declare al-Marri an "enemy combatant" only after he became a "hard case" by "reject[ing] numerous offers to improve his lot by . . . providing information." John Ashcroft, Never Again: Securing America and Restoring Justice 168-69 (2006).

There is no doubt that there is no law Bushco would not break, no one they would not torture, to further their agenda and send fear through the populace.

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