Thursday :: Jun 14, 2007

Ultimate Pardon Date: January 20, 2009

by paradox

I was dismayed and embarrassed and hour ago reading Sydney Blumenthal’s scathing report on yet again another disastrous Bush trip abroad: all the foreign Cabinet members are counting the months with dread until Bush leaves, precisely as I have, praying nothing else goes wrong or that the Middle East doesn’t blow up in the next 18 months. Bush, his usual odious self, is looking at the calendar as desperately as we are for the end game, but for very different reasons.

One could reasonably surmise Bush needs relief from his endless days of humiliating failure and crimes, but like all felons Bush doesn’t care about the harm he inflicts upon others and rationalizes any tiny shaft of shame that penetrates his dim and cornered intelligence. Bush continues to strut around with incredible arrogance and a laser eye on the calendar because January 20th, 2009 is the Ultimate Pardon Day, the marker in our history when the greatest lying criminal America has ever suffered under is instantly, eternally forgiven of all crimes and granted a luxurious life until death.

That is the way of retired American presidents: they shut up and stay out of current partisan politics and are granted status as American Elder Statesman. All the crimes against humanity in the Iraq war? Move on, Democrat. What about all the heinous domestic crimes of spying and rigging the Justice department? Move on, liberal, can’t you stop being so petty and perform closure? See, we told y’all what liberals and Democrats were like, they’re mean backward-looking neurotics, obsessed with hatred for a retired old man.

All that gnashing for a possible pardon of Libby, with no acknowledgement at all that the clock is ticking on the ultimate pardon of all time, destination Crawford, Texas. If the press and blogosphere has ignored it be totally assured Bush has not, he knows his pardon date as sure as the sun rose this morning.

One of the more nauseating rationalizations I hear on the many failings of America is that when we find wrongdoing we publicly air the foul laundry and put crooks in the slammer. Only a great country could do that, right? Perhaps watching Bush slither and grin from Crawford as we desperately try to clean up his crimes will rid Americans of their absurd mythology that the United States is a haven for justice, equality and the rule of law. Possibly.

For whatever reasons Democratic leaders have chosen to ignore impeachment, giving the finger to passionate Americans seeking truth and justice with a sneering silence of contempt, their decision so haughtily reached in private. Reid and Pelosi have blithely assumed that Democratic base support will stay static no matter what they do, no matter how incompetently this Congress stumbles forward power will still be theirs in 2009 with a Democratic President.

Thirty days ago I would have completely agreed, but something snapped and changed in the Democratic base after the Iraq war capitulation. The usual anger at Democratic cowardice roiled to a frenzy not seen before; Phoenix Woman noticed it too. Right this moment the #1 rec diary at Kos’s place is telling John Conyers to take a leap if he doesn’t impeach, flowing another #1 a few weeks ago telling all elected officials to stay the fuck away from The Daily Kos, their presence is not wanted.

Reid and Pelosi are risking Our Time, our time at last in 2009 when we have a Democratic President and Congress. As more and more of the passionate and committed Democratic base realize the ultimate pardon day for Bush approaches with each ticking second of the clock the risk grows ever greater diminished base support could cost Democrats crucial seats for next term, votes that will be manifestly important in attempting to recover from Bush.

Tick, tick, tick. It’s not even 2008, yet the calendar is fiercely watched, with each passing day of inaction by Reid and Pelosi The Ultimate Pardon grinds forward to a total reality, fierce cries of pain and injustice ignored with a cruel cowardice.

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