Thursday :: Jun 14, 2007

Afghan Minister Dismisses Burn's Claims About Iran/Taliban Links

by Steve

Afghanistan's defense minister today dismissed claims by State Department undersecretary Nicholas Burns and Defense Secretary Robert Gates that the Iranian government was arming the Taliban. He pointed out that the Karzai government has a good relationship with Tehran, so it made no sense for the Iranian government to undermine Karzai and topple him to return the Taliban to power, a regime opposed by Tehran. It's pretty sad when a foreign official has to explain the obvious to several Bush cabinet officials, but that is what we have with this Romper Room administration.

There already is evidence that Pakistan is directly supporting the Taliban with weapons, yet we never hear the White House make a big deal about that. If the White House thinks they have a solid case to make against the Iranians, then why aren't they taking that case to the UN and laying out their evidence that the Iranian government is working to undermine a sovereign state? Because they know if they go to the UN to make that case, Iran will then show the Security Council what the Bush Administration is doing against Iran.

Does the Bush Administration talk to Karzai before they peddle this crap?

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