Friday :: Jun 15, 2007

All Surge Forces Have Arrived

by Steve

As five more Americans have died in Iraq, we are told today that all the surge forces have arrived. The Pentagon is now saying it will take several more months until their presence is fully felt. September is several months from now. I see no reason why General Petraeus can’t tell Congress in September whether or not the additional troops have helped. Of course, he won’t say anything conclusive because Bush doesn’t want him to. Bush never intended to tell Congress anything that could force his hand this year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Petraeus says he needs even more troops. He was put in Baghdad not to withdraw troops, but to give Bush a reason to do anything but withdraw for the remainder of his time in office.

The truth is that the Iraqi government, the Iraqi security forces, and the Iraqi people are showing signs of pulling together against the Al Qaeda efforts to split them apart, as evidenced by the relatively restrained reaction to the Samarra mosque bombing earlier this week. Even al-Sadr made an appeal to the Sunnis this week to isolate Al Qaeda. If Petraeus and General Odierno take full advantage of the next three months to get Sunni tribal leaders and some insurgents to focus their efforts against Al Qaeda while keeping the Shiite militias from retaliatory strikes against Sunnis, Democrats can rightly ask in September why a mission change and gradual drawdown in 2008 isn’t possible.

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