Friday :: Jun 15, 2007

Pace Confirms He Was Dumped

by Steve

General Peter Pace has now confirmed that he was dumped because he wouldn't voluntarily retire. Bush and Gates felt it wasn’t worth pushing Pace through a contentious reconfirmation process in the Senate, and when he declined to voluntarily retire, he was dumped.

There's a message here for Democrats. Bush wants to avoid any debates about what he has done wrong in Iraq. He would rather dump someone who has been a loyal soldier to a failed policy so that he can avoid all of that by naming a fresh new face, presumably while keeping the failed policy in place. Moreover, he knew the Democrats were going to pound Pace on the mistakes of the past, and Bush's GOP allies on the Hill wanted to avoid that as well because their fingerprints are all over the rubber-stamp.

So if you know that the White House and vulnerable GOP incumbents want to avoid a debate about their culpability for this debacle, what strategy do you follow to get what you want, which is to change course and save the lives of our troops?

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