Saturday :: Jun 16, 2007

Unintended Consequences

by Mary

The Bush regime is enamored with violence as a means to the end. And even the catastrophe that is Iraq and the mess that came of Israel's short war with Lebanon has not dissuaded them of that. Would you be surprised to know that as things spiraled out of control in Gaza, Bush functionaries saw the troubles there as a therapeutic fever that would lead to a better situation?

"I like this violence"

It is often assumed that "men of violence" always wear masks and brandish weapons, but those who stand on the sidelines and cheer the fight are also men of violence, none more so than Assistant Secretary of State and US Envoy to the Middle East, David Welch.

"I like the violence" -- these were Welch's words when fighting erupted between Hamas and Fatah in Gaza earlier this year. Welch may be in a less celebratory mood right now, but not because the violence is worse -- simply because his side (a small faction inside Fatah) is losing.

The fact that the Bush administration has been instrumental in trying to foment a Palestinian civil war has been clearly documented by Conflicts Forum, but since the press in Washington has been too timid to dig in to this story, it has largely been ignored.

Of course, as MJ Rosenfeld writes, the actions that created the situation in Gaza was long time coming and a big part of the strategy was to make it impossible to have a two state solution. In this case the extremists on both sides won.

It is a very sad day for the Palestinians and the Israelis. Do you think the Bush administration cares?

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